Independence Day: Resurgence Review

Independence Day

Aside from my regular Insightful Saturdays, I have decided to add extra posts reviewing anything from movies to products. Today’s review is of Independence Day: Resurgence. This article gives the box office numbers of this past opening weekend and the opening weekend of the original in 1996. The Yahoo article called the movie a dud. They were not wrong.

My thoughts…

Now, I don’t know what Will Smith’s finances are like or how many movies he has in the works. But as far as I’m concerned, the movie needed him and he needed the movie. His career as had a bit of a slump. Independence Day combined with The Suicide Squad, would’ve been a nice little summer for him. Raising his stock and giving him a couple of nice blockbuster smashes that he’s been lacking recently. The movie also desperately needed him. They needed his energy and legendary comedic brilliance on the big screen.

I loved the original cast. The old school pros did what they came to do. Jeff Goldblum was hilarious as usual. Judd Hirsch that plays his father was adorably funny, just like the original. Bill Pullman also did well. Brent Spiner who played the crazy scientist, gave plenty of comic relief. And Vivica’s character was killed off too soon to know what she could’ve brought to the movie. But the seasoned veterans couldn’t be the only ones to carry the film. And that’s where the young and fresh-faced cast failed epically.

Liam Hemsworth did the best he could, poor baby. But he doesn’t even have experience carrying major blockbuster movies, let alone the smaller ones he’s been in. Jessie T. Usher was no Will either, but then again, he was the more serious character in the movie. And Maika Monroe fell flat for me. She only had one face during the whole movie. Annoyed. I’m actually kinda pissed that they didn’t use the original girl, Mae Whitman, that played the President’s daughter in the original. Mae has shown her acting chops on the show Parenthood and The DUFF, with a ton of other work added to her resume. Her sass and spunk would’ve been an added boost to the movie. But knowing Hollywood, they probably thought she wasn’t slim enough to play the character all grown up.

The special effects were incredible, as usual. The storyline was so-so. I don’t doubt that they had a better storyline developed for a script with Will in the movie, but had to adjust when his price tag came a little to steep for Hollywood’s tastes.

All in all, I was just super disappointed. I was really excited for this movie and I tried so hard to like it. Unfortunately, that never happened.


The Electronic Companies Ruined Modern Relationships…Among Other Things.

Let me preface this post by saying, this article is more than likely not factually correct. It is just my opinion and random observation.

Now that that’s out of the way. I totally blame Apple and their iPhone for the ruination of modern relationships. How so, do you ask?

Well, as far as I can recall Apple is the first to start the whole, “We know we just released a new phone just six months ago, but hey look we’re releasing a new one!” This started a culture of ‘I want what’s new and I want it now!’ It didn’t matter that consumers’ phones were only six months old. I didn’t matter that their contract wasn’t up and they had to pay full price for the upgraded phone. All everyone cared about was getting the upgraded version. The newest and hottest thing. And other electronic companies followed suit.

The result: This way of thinking. This goldfish level attention span crept its way into everything. Video games and their consoles, movies, music, and relationships. Young people don’t want anything to do with what’s old (unless it’s hipster cool like vinyl albums). I’ve talked to my nephew who is 22-years-old about older movies and he turns his nose up. I’m talking the Matrix here! Not To Kill A Mockingbird. And let’s not even talk about music. When Prince tragically past, young people were asking who he was. Really? And when Missy Elliot performed with Katy Perry during the Superbowl half-time show a couple of years ago, kids were asking who this chick was trying to copy Nicki Minaj. Or when they thought Kanye was going to help Paul McCartney’s career. Come on!!! I’ve even heard someone young say, “Tyrese sings?!” or “The dude from the Hunger Games (Lenny Kravtiz) is a musician?!”

And don’t even say, “Well, I doubt you listened to older music or watched old movies when you were a kid.” Because that would be false. I actively watched old musicals. The King and I and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers are two of my favorites that I own. I found Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers on my own in Jr. high and went to the library to rent their movies. I’ve always loved 50’s doo-wop music and Motown. And I went on a search to find who sang At Last until I found Etta James, bought her greatest hits and fell in love with her and her voice.

Anyway, I digress. The point is, this new ‘I gotta have it and its gotta be new’ trend has seeped its way into everything. Even relationships. With new dating apps coming out daily, giving people more and more options, people have no incentives to stay in relationships anymore. ‘Oh, he’s cute! But I bet if I swipe left there will be someone hotter.’ ‘I like you, but what if there’s someone better around the corner? So how about we just Netflix and Chill instead of getting too serious?’ ‘I DMed this hot girl on IG. She’s so much hotter than my lady. I think I’m gonna smash that on the DL.’

It’s sad and depressing. I don’t even want to dip my toe in this jacked up dating pool. More than ever it may be imperative that I stick to my age range and pray that this culture hasn’t made its way into my older generation. I’d prefer not to be a ‘Left Swipe.’


For anyone older that doesn’t know what the acronyms are, here is a key:

  • DMed- Direct Messaged
  • IG- Instagram
  • DL- Down Low



Prom. I’ll say it again…Prom. Can someone please tell me what the hell happened to Prom?! I’m sure just about anyone on social media has seen the spectacle that is Prom 2016. I can’t. I just can’t.

You know what? Yes, the hell I can!

Before I begin, this post will be picture and video free because these are kids we’re talking about. And I refuse to put children on blast.

Now, I saw a few years back that Prom-posals were on the rise. For anyone that happens along this blog post that doesn’t know what that is, well I’ll tell ya. A Prom-posal is where a boy will ask a girl to the prom but in a similar fashion as a man asking a woman to marry him. And these Prom-posals have gotten bigger, crazier, and more elaborate which each passing year. What in the hell do these girls have to look forward to when they actually get proposed to for marriage? Anyway, the Prom-posal was the start of the downfall of the institution of Prom.

Next up, the dresses. Some of these dresses are just too much. The hoochie level is at an all-time high for ones so young. And then they’re matching with their dates on a level I’ve never seen. I can’t even imagine how much that is costing their parents.

And last, but most certainly not least, the dress reveals these kids and their parents are doing. I saw a video of a girl hidden inside a white coffin and they opened the top to reveal her in her dress. Pause. Go back and reread that sentence. Yep, you read it right. She came out of a COFFIN!!! Who does that?! And don’t they know that’s bad karma? Ugh! Then there was a girl that had dancers that performed a routine to Beyonce’s Formation on the stairs out front of this girl’s house. Then she slowly made her way out of the house and struck numerous poses on the landing, then walked down the steps to the sidewalk and posed some more as if she was on a runway during New York Fashion Week. Sigh…

Let me start off by saying, this is a free country and you can do whatever you want to do and whatever makes you happy. With that being said…What in the ever loving FUCK!!! I am so utterly disgusted with the direction our society is headed. Can you not see how destructive this behavior is? Maybe with marriage on the decline, kids are feeling this will be their only opportunity to even get to do something close to a wedding. But in reality, it is starting a trend that is going to be so incredibly hard to maintain.

This new I-need-to-top-the-next-person way of life through social media is only adding more and more pressure to this generation of young people and all the kids after them. I wanna be prettier. I wanna be richer. I wanna have the best party. I wanna have a wider thigh gap. I wanna… I wanna… I wanna. The only thing you’re gonna get is a massive case of depression, because it is nearly impossible to be and/or stay on top.

I’m so grateful that I don’t have or want any kids because I swear they’d be the lamest kids in school. I am not one for keeping up with the Joneses, the Smiths or the Kardashians. I give zero fucks what people have to say. Which is why I’m so disturbed by this overly superficial and materialistic path we’re headed down. Nothing good can come from it.

P.S. I changed my mind. I decided to add one picture. This is me with two of my best friends at our prom. Circa 1997.


Senior Prom ’97- My friend on the left rented a Cinderella dress and the Prince Charming suit for her boyfriend and did her own hair. My friend in the middle got a normal prom dress. And as for me, I was so self-conscious about my body and there were no options for plus-size girls back then so I was forced to wear a feminine and flowy sack, which I of course hated. But it was still only like 80 bucks and I still had a great time with my friends. Which in the end, is all that matters.


My Hair Journey…

…And Realizing that Hair Does Not Equate Femininity.

In this installment of Insightful Saturdays, I want to talk about hair. Bear with me, I have a bit to cover.


Getting ready for the hot comb

Being a female, so much of our beauty is wrapped up in our hair. And when I was a little girl, one of my first memories involving my hair was having my mom pull down a few strands of hair in the back and stretching them down my back to see how long my hair was. My ultimate goal was to have long hair.








Like most little Black girls back in the 80s, my hair was natural and my mom straightened it weekly or bi-weekly with a hot comb that was heated on the stove. In other words, sheer torture. When I was about seven-years-old, my mom finally let me get my hair relaxed. I was so happy to finally get a more “adult” and easier way to do my hair.

fb_img_1464975713261.jpgHair 1

Hair 2

Don’t make fun of my “Glamour Shots” photo

During my 22-year love affair with Creamy Crack, as relaxer is now fondly called, I tried all different types of styles, cuts, curling irons, deep wavers and crimpers, flat-irons, braids, sew-ins, glue-ins, fusion, etc. Damn near everything! I loved my relaxed hair. I had learned how to moisturize without overdoing it so that my hair swung and moved like someone with finer hair. I remember in high school, another Black girl asked me how I got my hair to swing like a white girl’s hair.

But once I turned 29, I wanted something different. A girl I worked wore her hair natural and it was glorious. It was this voluminous curly fro that framed her face to perfection. And it got me to wondering, “What does my hair look like natural?” So I decided to Transition from creamy crack to a naturalista. I was tired of paying high prices and giving up my entire Saturday to look pretty. But I found that the Transition wasn’t going to work out for me after an extra two weeks of new growth had grown in and when I tried to comb my hair it was extremely painful and hair was falling out by the handfuls. So I decided to say, “Screw it! I’m doing the big chop.” Luckily, I’ve always had a motto for my hair that I’ve lived by almost my whole life, “It’ll grow back.” So I wasn’t too nervous about buzzing it all off. But just in case, I did buy a cute little asymmetrical wig. You see, I’m short and round, and I knew that more than likely getting my hair buzzed off would make me look like a butch lesbian. I’m cool with the LGBTQ community, always have been, but that didn’t mean I wanted to look like a lesbian.

I wore that wig for about a good week before I again said, “Screw it!” I can’t do wigs. They just irritate my scalp and I always feel like a liar. I felt that way when I wore extensions as well. I’m not downing anyone who loves wigs and weave. It’s just not for me on a long-term basis. So I just let my bald head shine. I felt a bit awkward, but I knew it would grow back.

Luckily, I did cut it all off and went natural, because a few months later, I got a job teaching English in Japan. I knew there wouldn’t be anyone who could relax my hair for me or a place where I could buy relaxer and do it myself. So going natural was a Godsend.


During that time frame, I learned a lot about my hair. I learned that I absolutely LOVED it in its natural state. The tiny corkscrew curls. How soft it could be. How it framed my round face and chubby cheeks. It was pure awesomeness. Until it wasn’t.

People who say, at least initially, that going natural is cheaper than getting your hair relaxed, is a lie! Just trying to find the right products that work for your specific hair texture is a pain in the ass. And I swear no two afros are alike. In my head alone, I have about 3 or 4 different textures. I go from a 3c to a 4c all in one head. WTF?!?!


So after being completely natural for nearly two years, I chopped it off again and got a texturizer. That lasted for only so long before I wanted my fro again. So once more I grew it out. I kept it in its full glory for about 5 years, with a cute tapered cut towards the end.





imageAt one point, I was ready to call it quits once more, but then found the ‘shingling’ wash-n-go method and I was overjoyed. The twist-outs, Bantu knots, roller sets, etc were just too much. It took a whole dang day to do them and dry them and after that, the styles would only be cute for a day or two if you were lucky, unless you redid them every night. I can’t. I just can’t.



imageHair 3imageSo I rocked those rock hard corkscrew curls for a couple more years. Then I got laid off my job and I decided to give writing full-time a shot. That’s when I got creative with my hair and had more fun with it than I’d ever had in the past. With no corporate job or boss breathing down my neck, I cut my hair into a frohawk and then started dying it crazy colors. I’m proud to say that I laid that ish out! And I got more compliments on that colorful frohawk than on any style I’ve had to date.

But of course with crazy colored hair, you have to bleach it. In which, bleaching is no bueno on your hair and keeping those colors up was a lot of work, since they faded very quickly. After a year, it was time to give it up. That is when I decided I wanted to start all over and grow out a cute, short natural tapered cut.

I got all my pictures ready on Pinterest to show the barber and scheduled my appointment. When I got there and he looked at my head, he told me that in order to begin the growing out process into the tapered cut, I was gonna have to cut it super low. To which I said, “That’s cool.” Remember my motto, ‘It’ll grow back.’

When he finished that cut and turned that chair around for me to see, I fell in love with myself all over again. My round apple head looked so cute. I just looked like a mature, confident woman. Immediately I said, “Oh, I love it! I’m so keeping this for a while.” Along with wanting something new and my hair being damaged, I had been working out since the start of the year, trying to change my lifestyle. I’d recently injured my foot and ankle and working out had become almost unbearable, but I didn’t want to give up all the progress I had made. So I had been thinking about swimming instead, but didn’t know how I was going to pull it off with my bleached hair. Now being nearly bald, the problem was instantly solved.


Last Thursday marked two weeks since I buzzed my hair. I went back to the barber and he was surprised that I wanted him to cut it back low again. But these past weeks have been glorious in so many ways. First off, I swam 5 days a week for three weeks and didn’t have a care in the world. Second, every day that I woke up, I walked into the bathroom and brushed my hair and was done. One minute…tops! Maybe 5, if I add a little gel to it. Third, and the whole reason for this post, I found my femininity and it has absolutely nothing to do with hair.

It is really hard to explain, but so often we women think that in order to be womanly or feminine, we have to have long hair. That is such a lie! Try being feminine when you don’t have hair to flip, toss, or hide behind seductively. When I see women rocking short cuts or barely there hair, I think they look more fierce and more feminine than those hiding behind long locks. When you’re not hiding behind hair, all you have is your face and the way you move. And I’ve never felt more womanly, more beautiful, more confident, or more badass, quite frankly, than I do with barely a centimeter of hair.

And the best part is… A whole new world is opened to me with practically no hair. Not only can I be more feminine on my own terms, but I can go anywhere, do anything, and try everything without worrying about my dang ol’ hair. Now that’s worth its weight in gold!!!

How Low Can Our Expectations Go?

In this installment of Insightful Saturdays, I would like to start with this meme that I’ve seen a few times on social media…

Low Expectations

Deep breath and…GO!

So, men are using this meme to justify ‘ghosting’ (the act of ending all communication without warning or explanation) women. Saying that they shouldn’t chase conversation or have to try so hard to get her to communicate or even that she’s boring and warrants immediate deletion. This is complete malarkey! Why? Let me break it down for you.

First of all, he started the damn conversation with ‘Wyd?’ I’m sorry, but correct me if I’m wrong. You expect me to write you an entire dissertation on what I’m doing, but you can’t take the time to write out, ‘What are you doing?’ Go f*ck yourself.

Second, you ask me ‘How was ur day?’ Again with the abbreviation. So a simple ‘Good,’ is a pretty fair response. It’s not like you asked me some thought-provoking question that required more than a monosyllable reply. I mean, even a rewording of the phrase could’ve elicited a better answer. For instance, “Tell me about your day.” Because I’m quite certain that if you were that interested in my mind, you’d delve deeper. But the tone of your texts alone sound more like a lead-in towards Netflix and Chill, than actually trying to get to know me. Don’t expect me to be interesting if you’re no more interesting than watching paint dry.

And third, if you want a decent conversation, press Call not Text! I’m long-winded, as are many females, and I don’t have the time or energy to type out my memoirs unless it’s a story I’m working on. So call me, fool!

I love how nowadays, the expectations are so damn low that the act of you actually texting me your lazy ass abbreviated sentences should be the icing on top of my awesomesauce day. Get over yourselves. If you want to really know a woman’s mind and heart, ask the right questions. If you want to find someone interesting and exciting, you need to be interesting and exciting in your own right. Stop blaming others for your own lameness. She’s no more boring than you are. Always remember, when you point a finger at someone, there are three more pointing right back at you.


***I do not own the rights to these photographs. They are the property of the copyright owners.***