ATTENTION BOYS: Learn How to Please Your Lady in Bed!!!

how please a woman

And it is absolutely not porn!

This subject comes up because of a conversation I had last night with the next door neighbor. For Christmas one year, my mom had given her my Struck Series, which is an Erotic Romance series. Recently, her husband who has never picked up a book to read has decided to start reading my books during trips to the john. Now, he’s trying to get a little spicier in bed and asking her sexual questions. Like, “Have you ever done that when we do this?”

This got me to thinking. I’ve read articles about men not really knowing how to please a woman in bed. I’ve given men sex advice. And I’ve talked to other women who have been with men that had no idea what they were doing. I, myself have been with men that have no idea what they’re doing.

How is this possible?!?

As much as you guys love sex, talk about sex, think about sex, watch sex, and try to find ways to get sex; how have you not figured out what gets a woman off? The only logical answer is that you simply don’t give a shit or you think sticking your dick in a vagina is enough to get her there. Well, I hate to burst your bubble boys but you’re gonna have to put in more work than that. I know some of you puff out your chests with pride, thinking that you laid down some good pipe. Little do you know, that often after that your lady will call her friends and say “He thought he was doing something. Luckily, I have my Rabbit to finish the job.” For the clueless, the Rabbit is a phenomenal vibrator that is a magnificent replacement.

Anyway, there is no excuse for your continued ignorance with the plethora of information at your disposal nowadays. And please, NO PORN!!! I love porn as much as the next sexually progressive female, but it is not a good example of how to pleasure a woman. Most of those women don’t even orgasm. They’re faking for you, their audience, as much as your wife, girlfriend, or booty call may be faking it for you. All in an effort to boost your ego. Also, the rough nature in which many male pornstars treat their female co-stars isn’t something most ladies want when they get with you.

Well, where do I learn, you ask?

A good place to find out information on how to please your lady is in magazines. Magazines always have articles about this kind of stuff. But, if you don’t want to read it in a magazine, then all you have to do is go to Google or Bing and type in ‘How to pleasure a woman’. BAM!!! A whole slew of stuff should come up. Articles and videos if you don’t want to read, which I know many of you don’t.

man reading 5

Another great place to find out what your woman wants is right there on her nightstand. You know, that novel you’ve been rolling your eyes at every time she picks it up or talks to her friends over the phone or on social media about. The book that has that damn book boyfriend she’s always gushing over. Well, there is a reason for all that gushing. Erotic Romance hasn’t become one of the most popular genres for nothing.

So boys, put down those XBox controllers. Turn off SportsCenter. Pick up a beer and crack open her newest or favorite erotic romance and get to reading why she sighs and stares off into space after she finished reading it.

man reading 1

Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed. While your buddies may be laughing at you, your girl’s toes will be curling as you take her into another stratosphere. And their girls will be listening on with envy as she tells them how amazing you’ve become in bed. Just saying…

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4 thoughts on “ATTENTION BOYS: Learn How to Please Your Lady in Bed!!!

  1. You know i have ot agree with you with this…i know it is an old post but i have to give you my thoughts on it… (it is in the followers handbook). Yes men feel like they are doing a great job, you know why because women dont stop it and tell the truth.

    I can count on one hand the times i didnt make woman climax and those times i was on some other shit. But you are right men have to do there reseach like i did and taking your time… let me say dat one no ‘gin… take your time. Love the pussy for what it is all it is worth. And dont be scared to eat the :cake” too, i have food “cake” as delicacy which i enjoy oh so much.

    But i learn real quick that my tongue gets the job done well and my fingers gets the job done. Both at the same well there is water everywhere, then you could throw my dick in there after all of that but never before. And if all fails just remember the golden rule…ladies first. Then men should never go wrong.

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  2. I tried telling my current that porn doesn’t do it for me and he claimed it gets him in the mood… But then his performance mirrors the movie almost to a T. Boredom, disappointment and irritation set it 10 minutes after he started and finished. Now he wonders why I tell him no. Quite often. I’ll do it myself.

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